Thursday, May 08, 2008

More Concerned About Saturday Night

I wasn't too concerned about the weather moving in tonight. That's why I did not post much about it on the blog, but Saturday night is looking a little rough.

I'm tired and I'm ready to go to sleep, but here are a couple of images that you can look over. The first one is the experimental Tornado Index map for Saturday night. The purple area over Region 8 is not a good thing!

This next image is the Overview window on BUFKIT, which shows the 00Z GFS Model. Several things jump out and I mention them on the image.
As I said, I'm ready to sleep. More on the severe potential for Saturday later on...



Heidi says huh?? said...

At this time (~10am) all I can say is what is wrong with the WRF?!?! It's completely not in agreement with what the GFS is showing. About the only thing I can see that that at all resembles the picture the GFS is painting is the 500mb winds at 6Z Sunday... beyond that, the WRF is showing 850mb out of the northwest, non-existant CAPE, and, uh "lifted index" in the positives... ??? The NAM is "unavailable" for the critical runs (shock and awe). But isn't that bizarre?? Someone must have hit the wrong button on the WRF! If that gets its act together, I expect a Day-2 moderate for us. :-/

... I think I can handle the GFS falling apart just as well.

Day 3 outlook:

Anonymous said...

Well, personally I don't understand a word Heidi just said. But I do know we have the best weatherman on the job and will be looking out for us. So let the grid go down, Ryan's ready. :-)

P.S. -- I thought the video a couple days back with Chris C. pointing out the tornado/storm I think around Newport was great. Shows how much I looked at the storm, I was more impressed at the force of winds it took to blow Chris's hair around! :-)

Jason H said...

Here we go again...round number...oh who is keeping count? More tornadoes for the state of Arkansas. :-/ Looks like the worst weather will be from Little Rock to Memphis and South. Maybe it will not to bad here.

Jason H said...

BTW...The video on the ABC 33/40 blog is got to be one of the best tornado videos I have ever seen !!! WOW