Friday, May 02, 2008

More Pictures

We have a had a ton of pictures sent in and I wanted to share a few more... This first one is from Marsha Sewell of West Ridge...

This nasty tornado was the last one of the evening in Region 8. It was the tormado near Hickman (East of Blytheville) and it was taken by Letha Horton.
And finally the is an up close and personal picture of the cone coming down near Lepanto. I'm amazed that Lepanto did not take a direct hit. This was taken by Danny Allen.
We'll have more pictures on air tonight at 10:00.



Tiffany said...

Just wanted to thank you for your great coverage once again. I know you must be exhausted and probably can not wait to get home and hug your wife and kids. I just did'nt want your great coverage go unnoticed and even though I do not live in any of the hard hit areas. I wanted to give you all a great big thanks. 7 people lost there life in AR but none in Region 8 and honestly feel that this is due to how commited you guys are up there at the station. Who cares if we missed any daytime television as long as we are not missing any lives. You are all amazing their at kait 8 and I am very glad to be a veiwer. A huge round of appluase to you all.

P.S Please excuse any typos & misspells it's 11pm and I am tired, but could not go to bed without saying THANK YOU!!!!

Heidi said...

What a year ... At least these didn't come at night. THERE's a bonus.