Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Parent Moment #268972

Earlier today, I made a discovery that ended in a rough workout for my oldest son. We were in the backyard while I sprayed the yard for insects. I noticed that half of the rocks that we had under the slide on his playground were missing. These rocks had been collected from the surface of my yard when it was leveled it last year. I'd say that there were several hundred of them, mostly the size of golf balls or baseballs.

Anywho, as I said, half of them were clearly gone. I asked my son where they were and he said... "We threw them over the fence". I looked over the fence and saw large rocks ALL OVER my neighbors yard!!! My son and two of his friends had played this little game the evening before.

SO... I made my son pick up EVERY rock and throw them back over the fence... into our yard. Once he was done, he had come back into our yard and pick up every rock again and put them under the slide. By the end, he was sweating pretty good.

I honestly do not think he meant to do anything wrong, but he needs to learn to NEVER throw rocks. I chatted with the other boys father and we both agreed that our kids are knuckleheads! Maybe next time he'll pass on that goofy game!

Here's to parenting! *cheeers*


blondie said...

I'm just glad that you and Jen are parents that care enough to try to make something of your kids. Nowadays, most parents would have either gone over and done the picking up themselves, or gone to the store and just bought more and that would be the end of it. I feel this is probably a lesson he will not soon forget. We need to do more of this with our kids. It takes lots of effort on the front end, but I feel the end result will be so worth it! Here's hoping we can do some good parenting, too, with God's help!

Anonymous said...

I have three children, two boys and a little girl. Our boys are not almost 15 and 13. They are 20 months apart.

Well, lately many stories have been coming out about things the two of them did either at our house, our church or their grandparents house when they about your boys age now. I thought I was tough on them, made them behave and thought they were half way well behaved but I am finding some real stories - ones like the one you shared. That sounds just like something those two boys of ours would have done and still might do today.

Boys are fun! Hang on...

Beth Johnson
Montgomery, Al

Anonymous said...

BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!!Now, thats PARENTING in the greatest Form!!!

Marlin said...

Hang in there Ryan. Those are memories and lessons that last a lifetime.

Mom said...

Where was son #2 whilst all this action was going on with the rocks?
Just wondering, Meemaw
p.s. They are usually both so GOOD.