Monday, May 12, 2008

Storm Spotter Dies

I've mentioned this before, but we owe the storm chasers and spotters and big "Thank You" for being our eyes on the storms. I received some sad news from a fellow meteorologist, Geoff Cornish, today. Here's his message:

A storm spotter / volunteer firefighter from the Seneca, MO Rural Fire Protection District has died today as a result of injuries from Saturday's EF4 tornado in western Newton County, MO.

Tyler Casey was spotting at Highway 43 and Iris Road in western Newton County, and his vehicle were tossed by the winds. He was pulled from the vehicle and was on life support until this (Monday) morning. This was a Line-Of-Duty-Death in the fire service, as his firefighting responsibilites with Rural Seneca Fire led him - and others - out spotting.

Tyler is survived by a two year old daughter. I spoke with his fire training instructor around midday, and he said that Tyler was a tremendous firefighter -- one of the best, most 'up and coming' young guys in Newton County. His instructor said that Tyler was one who always put others first. As meteorologists -- we know how much we rely on the information spotters give us. He was helping the public at large when he sustained those injuries.

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends."John 15:13

Please keep the Casey family and the other families that are mourning in your prayers this week. There have been several deaths this week from tornadoes, earthquakes, and flooding across the world. Please keep these families in your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

my prayers are with this family very tragic. servere weather has been happening alot lately. I am very happy knowing there are so many that risk their lives all the time to keep other safe. god bless them.

Brian Tritch - Paragould - said...

LODD death, That'll Make News, Hate It Happened, Thought's and Prayers with them...

Heidi said...

... Geez, last year it was sheriff's deputy Tim Buckman who died trying to warn people on the night of Greensburg. :(

Jeff Smith is organizing another tornado relief mission, this time for Picher, OK. Some of you may remember that Jeff, who is a storm chaser for KJRH in Tulsa, and his church group from Claremore, Oklahoma came to Baxter & Izard Co. after the Feb. 5th event. Here's his blog:

Vonavie said...

What a sad way for us to be reminded the danger of these storms. This trained spotter was not able to escape. My thoughts are with the family and friends. I pray that this reminds people that are not trained to be in their Tornado safe spot and not out watching. When I have offered to share our storm shelter with a neighbor they laughed and said they'd probably just be out watching. So sad.