Tuesday, May 13, 2008

WHOA! That's Early!

Well, well, well.... I did not expect any storms to be here this early... this far east! I'm not going to make any excuses. I just did not see anything in the data to suggest the storms developing this early. Yesterday, we said that any storms that would be here in this morning, would be in our western counties. I have a storm on top of me in Greene County. That's a few miles off... sorry folks.

We've had a very accurate record lately. I suppose we were due for a "little bust". It's odd, I was telling the production assistants yesterday afternoon that it was time for us to miss a forecast, and I'm going to count this as a miss.

If you are getting hit by this storm this morning... sorry. Sometimes we make a forecast, and God laughs. He's the only one that can truely have a 100% accurate forecast!



Jason H said...

I was just getting up this morning...well I was still laying in bed around 5:15, and heard the first rumble of thunder. I must admit I was shocked. I thought NO WAY !!! I told alot of farmers that called me yesterday "sure guys you have most of the day tomorrow to get some crop in" LOL Well at least it didn't rain on all there ground.

How is the severe weather looking like for tomorrow evening/night ?

Anonymous said...

We had a little rain here in corning but more lighting and cloud grumble, or LOL was that just the angels doing their tuesday morning bowling..lol
There were no strikes mind you.

Lori said...

I just wanted to leave you a short note thanking you for your time and dedication to NE Arkansas. While the rest of us are home with our families, you continue to work to ensure our safety. You do excellent work and we should all be grateful to you and your family for the time they allow you to devote to all of us!

Thanks again for all you do!

Almira Gulch said...

You know, some of us are prone to melting when water touches our skin, Ryan. How reckless of you to overlook this demographic when constructing a forecast!

Shantel Ooley said...

I have to admit I WAS a little freaked out this morning when I woke up and heard thunder! All this severe weather has got me "jumpy!" It was thundering, lightning, and we even got a little bit of hail while I was at work! How is the severe weather outlook for tonight through Thursday? Thanks, Ryan, for all that you do

Brian Tritch -Paragould- said...

I woke up around 6ish this morning, No rain but some rumbling and quite a bit of nasty cloud/ground lightning that kind of made me weary of getting out in, LOL Other than that, the rain came later.. Totals later on..