Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cedar Waxwings

I've been showing a lot of pictures from our "See It, Snap It, Send It" section of our website lately. In the summer, I usually have a little extra time to show extra things that I sometimes do not have time to show during the rest of the year. For example, today Lynn Smith from Black Oak sent me this picture of a Cedar Waxwing.

I chuckled when I saw it, because it brought back a funny childhood memory to me. When I was just old enough to use a BB Gun, a ventured into our backyard and began shooting birds for practice. My friend, Melvin, and I shot about 30 birds in about an hour or two. Most of the birds we shot had little masks, and wings that were tipped with yellow or orange. They were quite interesting to me!

My step mom was a HUGE bird fan and did not want me shooting the birds. In fact, I had to go across the creek and away from the house to shoot. She did not want me shooting the birds at her feeders.
Well, I went inside after our "hunt" and told her and my dad all about the birds. She looked a little puzzled and asked to see the birds. I took her outside and showed her all of the birds we had killed. She was shocked. She knew this must be some sort of rare bird, so she took it to the "bird lady" at a local store that sold bird feeders and seed. The lady explained that these birds only come around to Tennessee from time to time and that it was rare to see them in the area. (Keep in mind that I shot about 30 of them)

My step mom returned and told me about the blooper I had made and needless to say... no more Cedar Waxwing hunting for me!

That's one of the top 5 memories I have of my step mom. I'm sure my dad is laughing as he reads this blog entry. By the way, the bird lady froze one of the birds I shot to show others.

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Heidi said...

Cedar waxwings are kind of "invasive" in AR, too. We get huge flocks of them over the winter, sporadically, but to have them in the state at this time of the year is notable; they typically disappear altogether by July, and then return again in the fall. I'm glad you posted the photo on here because Rick and I were trying to figure out what kind of berries it was eating when you showed the photo on TV. Looks like mullberries to me. We couldn't figure it out before!

And, there is nothing worse than a kid with a BB gun shooting birds for target practice, Ryan!!! (Okay, maybe a few things are worse! ;)

Janet said...

And remember back when you made your son pick up all of the rocks tossed into the neighbor's yard?
Makes you think of all the times you've been told that "pay back" for your raising was going to be rough....I've got the feeling that you had lots of "encouragement" to be a good boy and now you'll pass along those traits to your young ones as well. Thanks for sharing..