Monday, June 02, 2008

Painting... Ugh.

My wife talked me into painting the kitchen this weekend. Not only did we paint, but we painted with the hardest color in the world! RED.
It took some time and it took 3 coats, but it looks really good now. While I am not a big fan of painting, I am usually very pleased with the results.
I took up this painting task instead of staining our fence because of the "threat" for rain. I have still not had a drop! Oh well, at least the kitchen is finished. LOL
I may post some "final" pictures later today. We'll see.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

wow looks like it gonna look great! really purty!

Stacy said...

Nice muscle shirt :)

I feel your paint pain. We just did the girls' bedroom and kids' hall bathroom in the "for sale" house (all Alabama readers, please pass the word that our gorgeous house is available! LOL)

Looks like you've picked a really nice color! Would love to see some final pics!

Graciejo said...

My kitchen next?