Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I took the day off yesterday and we finally get some rain!!! I know the farmers have really been wanting some rain and it finally came. With that said, it was not enough for some places. I only had 0.42" here at my house. The above image is the radar estimated rainfall. Everyone needed at least 1" and the area in blue got LESS than that...

If you notice, there are some areas in Mississippi County, Crittenden County, and even spots in Greene, Lawrence, and Randolph Counties that barely saw a trace! Some parts of Western Region 8 had over 3"!

Needless to say, we could use some more rain in spots. It looks like our next chance will come late on Friday. Hopefully, you'll get some more rain at your house, if needed.

Have a great day!


Jason H said...

The rain was really welcomed here in Randolph County "the parts that got it" The hail was gatting a little bit scary, but finally stopped. I bet the whole storm didn't last more than 15 min. My dad had hail yesterday afternoon in Biggers, and we got ours yesterday evening..ours was a little bigger. Did you get the picture ?

I'll take another inch Friday night !!!

MTWC said...

.15 fell in North Jonesboro out of that event. I'm surprised how many votes Mccain has gotten on your poll!

-Clay from Nashville