Friday, June 13, 2008

Tornado Report In Region 8

This afternoon we went "wall-to-wall coverage" on a storm that moved out of Carter County into Butler County. We had some complaints from people that love their beloved Dr. Phil, but I'm glad we stayed on the air. Here's the report that came in from that storm:

Grandin [Carter Co, MO] public reports TORNADO at 04:45 PM CDT -- trees down, roof missing from barn, house damaged near park. several eyewitnesses to touchdown. damage survey will be conducted on saturday.

The purpose for KAIT is to serve the viewers. Informing people about dangerous weather will always come before any show, even Dr. Phil.

Have a great night,



Anonymous said...

Uh huh, I love Dr. Phil too. but com`n GET REAL..a danger lurks of life and limb, and hes gonna be top priority.....I THINK NOT!!!
When the skies get dark its "RYAN to the RESCUE" for me! Was so proud to see you folks cover Mo. as well as Ar. as this area grid has many kin links .... felt rather calm as you informed us no major threat here in Corning.
God Bless the Weather Team there at KAIT 8!

Anonymous said...

I was kinda saddened about the break in, but i'm glad you guys did it. Dr. Phil can be watched online or will adventually play a re run or can be watched on another channel either way weather/life comes first.

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculous for someone to put Dr. Phil or any show for that matter over the safety of others. Thank you Ryan and staff for always keeping us safe!

Heidi said...

Can I call and complain every time KAIT DOES show Dr. Phil? ;) I think that would be the ultimate community service if the station chose to take that show OFF THE AIR!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they can get taping of the show anyway besides i would rather be inform of being blowed away. Instead of whos next for Dr. Phil help list on television. When severe weather hits. It makes me so sick to hear when ppl always thinking of themselves instead of others. Ya'll guys the weather team at kait 8 keep doing what ya'll are doing keeping us safe. I've said this b4 and i'll say it again. ya'll guys rock! i like all of u there but i have to say ryan ur my fav.! ;)

Jason H said...

"Ryan if you cut in on my show again, YOU will be fired from your job ! You saving a few lives is not near as important as me tring to prove to the world how perfect life could be if everyone would live just like me" -Dr. Phil

Anonymous said...

LOL Now Now Jason.......... thats a good way to catch some media flack, however the humor is most refreshing!