Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Melissa Meeker

I know many of you have been keeping up with the health of Melissa Meeker on her journal. If you have not read it, you can click here to check it out. You may not know Melissa, but I'm sure many of you know her Dad. Her dad is Terry Wood, the former Chief here at KAIT and current DJ on KFIN.

Melissa has Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer. This lady has truly touched many people during her illness with Christian words of faith, positive encouragement, and an uplifting spirit. Over 42,000 people read her journal and I'm sure her life has positively influenced many folks.

As you know, I lost my stepmom to Melanoma Cancer within the past year. As you can imagine, Melissa's story hits close to home for our family. She is even being treated by the same doctors in Nashville at Vanderbilt Hospital.

Unfortunately, the treatment has not gone as we had hoped. Melissa is at her new home in Tennessee and is in the care of Hospice. She still has the energy to post in her journal, so you should check it out.

As you can imagine, this is a tough time for her and her family. Please keep her husband Mike, her kids Max and Meredith, and the rest of her family in your prayers.


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