Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Night Weather Webcast

We're testing out some new software that allows me to video blog from the Storm Center using the computer we use on air... Thought?



Anonymous said...

I like this...yeah, I do. You still think this will move a little east than what the models show-why is that?


Eric said...

Hey man - This is great!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a cool idea.

robertrowland said...

i love this on the blog!! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

WOW! That Video Cam Super!
Am just praying the storm weakens, and New Orleans DOES NOT get hit again!!
Gheez, and a double Horrific!!!

memwxnet said...

Ryan - Enjoyed the video blog. Nice way of presenting additional information that you can't give in your weather broadcast or even type in on the blog. Well done!

--Erik, MemphisWeather.Net

Jason H said...

Love the new video updates....there is an awful lot of water in the gulf, what do you think the chances are of this thing hitting as a 5,all it will have after it goes pass Cuba is open water!

mom said...

This perspective is like vintage television news, from years ago,
seeing you report into a desk mic!
Cousin Carol went out on one of
those Elvis Impersonator Fantasy
Cruises this weekend. She phoned
yesterday and was going to Cozumel.
Ship deboards at Louisiana(still
their plans yesterday)on Sunday afternoon.This is her first cruise.
Are ships allowed in this stuff?

Heidi said...

You just wanted to show off the high snazz-factor of the Storm Center. ;-) Okay, okay... it was a pretty slick video blog. It'll be especially nice to have that set-up for severe wx season, replacing those video blogs from the weather cave/bunker/office. :D

I've decided not to mention anything about the 06Z run of the GFDL. I'll let you handle that. :-}

MTWC said...

Great job, Ryan! My only suggestion would to go more in depth into the models like videos.