Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gustav Needs To Be Watched

This is one of those "hear me now, believe me later" blog entries. If you live near the coast or you have family there, listen up! Hurricane Gustav may be in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend as a major hurricane.

The above image is for early next week. Keep in mind, this is MODEL and not actuality! We are still several days out and things will change. With that said, this is the GFDL model and it shows Gustav coming into the North Central Gulf of Mexico next week as a major hurricane. This is very possible. You can click the image to enlarge.

The above image here is a spaghetti plot of numerous models and most of them now agree that this is going to be a GOM (Gulf of Mexico) hurricane. With the overall pattern here in the US, this is starting to look more likely.

Before I go, let's look at a few more models. Here's the HWRF.... showing a GOM Hurricane And then the MM5 from FSU.... also shows a GOM Hurricane
Let's all watch this one together. Once you get a major hurricane in the Gulf, it's like a Bull in a China shop. It has to go somewhere. Let's hope for the best. Anyone from Panama City to Houston, TX need to watch this one.
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Heidi said...

That GFDL model does not look good.

The way a couple of the models are steering Gustav generally west or west-northwest, I'd think everyone along the coastline of Texas or Mexico should be paying a lot of attention to this, too.

Cody - wx4svr said...

Man.. that is the LAST thing those poor people need in that area. Another thing, GAS PRICES. If this goes right through the oil fields.. BOOM! Up goes gas prices to new levels. I don't wanna see this play out like its forecasted to, but I'm afraid it may. =(

Jason H said...

Ryan's right "like always" :-D anywhere from Florida to Texas better keep an eye on this baby !!! Alot goes into where this hurricane is gonna go, but once they become a cat 3 or more they tend to go where they want too. New Orleans better keep a careful eye on this one. I wouldn't be surprised to see this one hit at a 4 or 5! I sure hope not.

Jason H said...

BTW....With a name like Gustav you know it is gonna be a bad one ! :-D