Sunday, August 31, 2008

Heavy Rain This Week

It looks like it will be very wet across Region 8 this week. If Gustav stalls, it could leave us in a very wet pattern. The HPC has bought on to this solution and their 5-day rainfall outlook has parts of Arkansas getting over a foot of rainfall! That would cause some huge problems.

On that note, I better go mow my grass! I'm off to do some skeet shooting later on today. I'll try to post some pictures. I need to brush up on my shooting before I go dove hunting this year. Hmm... I wonder how the weather will play into the hunting?


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Donny said...

i just checked the new qpf for gustav- heres where it stands

i do not agree with this scenario simply because theres also going to be a front at the same time which will interact with gustav also and somewhat cause a shift north/northeast i think the western 2/3 of arkansas will get the heaviest rain and of course with any landfalling tropical system the threat for a few isolated tornados