Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dad's New Ride

Dad bought a new ride today. Now that he has his knees fixed, he bought his dream car! Pops now owns a Corvette Z06. Dad has always been a fan of the Corvette, but has not owned one in years. I've been telling him to bite the bullet for a few years and he finally broke down today and got one. I can't wait until he comes to visit. I want to give it a spin around Crowley's Ridge!


PS- I just read that this car will go 170 mph! Wow.


Tracey said...

My heart goes pitter patter just thinking about that car. Sigh...I want one but where would the kids sit lol.

Anonymous said...

LOL, when I clicked on the link to your page and saw this car, I thought "Why does he have a pic of my hubby's car?". Mu hubby has a 2004 Z06, 6 speed and he loves it! I like to drive it too, awesome car, your Dad is gonna have a blast driving it!


Jason H said...

You storm chaser need to look like that !

The DARE Cop said...

Hmmmm....I'm thinking this would make an excellent addition to the DARE fleet. Holler at me when your dad comes back for a visit. I'll need to buddy up to him. :-)

Ben Holcomb said...

With that I could chase storms with lots of speed! I could be from Michigan to Little Rock in about 5 hours ;)

Vonavie said...

Hey, 170 on Crowley's Ridge, NO I live up here! ::Locking the gates to make sure the dogs and kids stay out of the road when Ryan's in the neighborhood in daddy's car::