Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fierce Wind!

I think this morning is proving to folks why WE track tropical systems this far inland. Wind gusts have been over 60 mph in some areas. Hundreds of trees and power lines are down and we just go a report of a fatality.

Some churches are cancelling morning services... Call your church.


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Karen H. said...

My Weather Radio woke me up this morning around 6:15a.m. I got up to see what was going on and I thought it said a Tornado Warning. LOL. I knew we were under a Tornado Watch, so, I turned the t.v. on KAIT8 of course. I seen where you had just broke in around 6:20a.m. and was telling about the winds and power being out in parts of Region 8 and trees down. We here in Caraway still had power at that time. Around 7:00a.m., our power went out here in Caraway. I had opened up my front door and the wind was blowing something fierce. The trees in my neighbor's yard across the street was swaying back and forth and I thought they were going to come crashing down a few times. Our power finally came back on around 2:30p.m. here in Caraway. Thankfully, by noon the winds had died down alot. I had the front door open and we sat outside some as well. It was nice outside while it was cloudy and while the wind was blowing. I'm just glad we weren't having any 90 degree weather at the time. LOL. I'm sorry to hear about the death in Fisher. Ike sure made his prescence known here in Region 8. "THANK YOU" and Sarah both for what you both do to keep us informed of what is going on with the weather here in Region 8. May God Bless You Both. I will be watching KAIT8 at 5:00p.m. and hopefully will see some video's and pictures from Ike's prescence here in Region 8.