Monday, September 01, 2008

"Gussy Took My Beach!"

So, I got an email from our friends on the beach and the subject was "Gussy took my beach". Judging by the picture, the storm surge was impressive as far East as Destin. My in-laws lived in Destin during the Katrina and I knew that the impact would be felt that far East. Hopefully, the weather gets better for their vacation in a couple of days.

Anywho, Gustav made landfall. It appears that most people have evacuated, so the impact should not be nearly as bad as Katrina. Let's hope so.
The above image is the eyewall making landfall near Houma, leaving New Orleans on the "bad" side of the storm. Tornado warnings have been off and on from the center of the storm to the Florida Panhandle.

I hope to do a weather webcast early this afternoon when I get to work.


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