Monday, September 01, 2008

National TV Coverage of Gustav

I've been switching between all of the 24/7 News networks this morning. So far, MSNBC has had some good coverage with the help of WDSU. I'm not sure if the local affiliate, WDSU, is doing most of the work or MSNBC.On CNN, Rob Marciano is in New Orleans. He's been doing some great reports and I always think that having an expert in the field is very beneficial. He's been giving a nice explanation of the storm surge and how the wind direction plays a significant role in what levees are in trouble.
Fox News has had some good video of the water going over the levee, but you can clearly tell that they have most of their resources in St. Paul for the RNC. I can't say I blame them though. They don't have as much support it seems from their local affiliates like MSNBC and CNN.

When am I going to get a 24/7 ABC News Channel?

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Vicki Lemonds said...

I'm laughing at myself. When I read the bit about Rob Marciano from CNN, my first thought was "Isn't that guy from Survivor???" Then I realized he's Rob Mariano. What a difference one letter can make. *g*

Anonymous said...

Excellent storm/safety coverage!
The news folks out did themselves this time and think the entire country pleased as they pray for possible victims.