Monday, October 27, 2008

Chainsaws and Weather


I knew they were up to something. Despite that, I was still caught off-guard and chose flight over fight. I editted some "slow-motion" for you, too! This clip is from the end of Region 8 News at 6:00.




Vonavie said...

I think I just woke my husband up laughing at that clip! ROFL!

Anonymous said...

Zombie Construction Workers????

Heidi - LOL!!! said...

I missed this in real-time!!!

That facial expression is priceless!!!!

Tracey said...

Good Mic toss!
That was hilarious I almost spit hot chocolate on my computer screen.

graciejo said...

Almost as good as the shots fired in the background. LOL, good mike toss.

Anonymous said...

Laughing...........WOW! That critter shot the weight right off you Ryan..........
Looks like fun for all in KAIT 8 Area.
Shame you folks missed the Harvest Fest in Corning this year....and large variety of yummy foods and artistic crafts.
Was saddened when was no mention even made `on KAIT!

Ben Holcomb said...

Great clip Ryan! That made me crack up

Nothing like watching someone get scared :)