Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kelsey Update

It was great to see the Harris family reporting their rainfall totals today. As some of you know, Kelsey Harris, their teenage daughter, is battling cancer. They have been really busy in recent months.

I recently got this message from Teresa Harris regarding their teenage daughter. I'm sure their family appreciates your continued prayers:

Kelsey had surgery for her port this morning and all went well. She is a little sore this evening, not wanting to move her shoulder. She has some pain medicine she can take today and tomorrow until the soreness wears off.

We found out today that she does not qualify for the new study. Therefore, we will begin the second treatment option next Wednesday. It is the Avastin and a drug called CPT-11. They are both IV drugs. The side effects are worse than what she experienced on the first treatment we tried, but hopefully they won't be too bad. They will do constant blood work to make sure her counts are okay and will be doing other tests to make sure the side effects aren't out of bounds. If she tolerates it well, they will increase the dose of the CPT-11. She will have a long day next Wednesday, with the chemo itself taking around 90-120 minutes.

Thank you again for all the encouraging words. We can not express to you how often we check our emails or the Pleo site to be boosted by your thoughts. We need them, as well as your continued prayers.

Please continue to lift this family up in prayer. Their faith and love for God is tremendous and contagious. They are truly inspirational. I briefly got to meet Kelsey and Simon one day and hope to meet them again soon.

Take care,

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The Farrars said...

Thanks for the update on the Harris family, Ryan. We'll keep them in our thoughts & prayers for sure.