Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NWA Conference 2008

I returned from the 2008 NWA Conference today. I had a great time in Louisville, KY and came away with some great ideas and even learned some new things! The picture above was my view each morning from my hotel. This is the Ohio River.
The picture above is looking to the left as I looked out from my hotel room. It's not quite as good as the river, but still pretty cool.
I have travelled to Louisville a few times, but I never had the opportunity to appreciate the river. I occasionally went to the river banks to enjoy the view during breaks at the conference. On one night, we all went out on the "Belle of Louisville". It was nice, but as usual... I got motion sick! I'll spare you the story!
As you can see below, I sat in on a live report with GMA's Sam Champion this morning. Sam was at the conference this year and instead of taking off work, he did the weather live from the banks of the Ohio River. In addition to Sam, Diane Sawyers' mother was there, too. (she lives in Louisville) Both of them were very nice to everyone there. Did any of you watch GMA this morning?
For you weather geeks out there, I have some great tricks that I'll be using with our graphics systems in the near future. I hope to incorporate some of the new stuff in the next few days. Tell me if you notice.

I also spent some time talking to Mike Gibson of Gibson Ridge Radar software. I know some of you have downloaded and bought GR software. Well, some great upgrades are coming in the near future!

Lastly, I hope to be working on a couple of research projects over the next year. One project would be presented at NWA next year. The other project would be published in Weatherwise magazine. I'll keep you posted.

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mom said...

Diane Sawyers resembles her lovely mother, especially about the eyes!
Sounds like you had a memorable weekend and got to learn about news arriving on the weather front.

Cody in Louisville, KY said...

Ryan... I am sooo glad you liked our city. Our metro government did a lot to make sure the city was ready. Glad you had fun.

Donny said...

glad to here you had a good time- nice capture of the rive... ohand i also use GR3 radar- its something special- and later on in the future when i have enough money- it'll prolly get GR2 Analyst