Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Bell Is Going Where?

Did you see the video of John McCain in Pennsylvania when he flubbed up the point he was trying to make? Click here to see it.

Well, a similar thing happened Friday Night at the GCT/Paragould Game.

Each year, this HUGE rivalry battles for THE BELL. It travels back and forth between Greene County Tech and Paragould depending on the winner. During my weathercast, I asked the cheerleaders from both sides where the BELL would be on Monday morning... watch what happens. LOL

Have a great night!



Jason...ready for a washout ! said...

LOL.....Good stuff right there ! G.C.T has come a long way this year. They will improve every year now with the new coach. Paragould was just the better team this year.

We finally gonna get some good rain ? These duck hunters are getting a little worried !

Anonymous said...

Right here...wait what? No, I mean wait no Like not "here" I mean like... AHHH you gotta love cheerleaders. LOL!!!

blondie said...

I'm so proud of both teams, and I am especially proud that GCT has Coach Conaway! They are learning many wonderful things, besides football, with him as the coach. Such a Godly man on and off the field.