Sunday, November 02, 2008

Growing Up Fast

I've been very impressed with the education my oldest son is getting in kindergarten. It amazes me to see what he learns each week.

Today, I took him by my office while his sick brother rested at home. He sat at my desk doodling while I finished a few things. Later this evening, I found what he wrote. See above image...

It's things like this that are priceless. I hope to keep this paper for a long time!

Have a great night,


mom said...

Start a file folder right now
and write a date on the back of this little love note...decades later you will still get a big thrill out of your children's love notes because they're truly from their hearts to you.
Congratulations on "The First Note"
p.s. Tell Shad that I want one,too!
Lotsa Love, Meemaw/Mom

Stefanie said...

I save just about everything our boys make or write. It will be nice to pull out one day later down the road and think "remember when".

blondie said...

My mom had a box for each of us, which was neat for us to look at as we got older. She got me a memory box, which I have already started for my daughter on things she has made. I wouldn't be surprised if Jennifer already had something like that started, she's so thoughtful and creative!

What a precious memory! Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

aww! He is learning fast! Keep these special little notes to look at and show to him when hes older.