Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sledding On The Sleet!

After spending the night at KAIT, it was time to have some fun with the boys this morning! While we do not have much of a hill at my house, the sleet still allows for some sledding fun. Actually, it is more like "slinging" than sledding... but it's still fun! Here are some videos from earlier. I'm going to thaw out and take a nap!

PS- After the video plays, one of the suggested videos from YouTube says "Ryan Sledding"... that's not me.

Stay warm and be safe out there!



Angie said...

Looks like the boys and you were having fun out there..Glad you got to spend some extra time with them!!

Vonavie said...

Great memory making! We had some fun with a make shift sled behind the lawn tractor out in the back field. The kids had a blast. The three year old insisted it was snow. I got tired of arguing...

Anonymous said...

These are great!!! Looks like the boys were having a blast!! Hate we had to work and missed all the fun. Hospitals never close. Nana

mom/meemaw said...

How cool, what else is this but
pure FUN!!! Thanks for such a
good time just watching these
clips...I laughed the ENTIRE
time along!!!