Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow Next Week?

I went out on a limb last night and said that I think we will see some snow next week. In fact, I mentioned this possibility to my sister a few days ago. I occasionally will throw out a 2 weeks forecast to someone I know for verification purposes! Even a broken watch is right twice a day!

Anywho, next Monday night through Wednesday will need to be watched. Instead of "ice", we may actually get some "snow" this time. The setup looks good, climatology looks good, and my gut instinct says it looks good. The above image is the 06Z GFS computer model. The blue line is generally the freezing line.

Some very early indications show 2-4" of snow for us, but it's still way to early to get excited.

We'll watch it!


Cody said...

"Even a broken watch is right twice a day!"

Uhh.. WHAT!? I don't get that. lol.

memwxnet said...

I'll hold you to it, Ryan! Maybe we'll get a few flakes in the big city too! Have a great '09!

--Erik, Blog

Cody said...

Ok, I feel like an idiot now... I get that Broken Watch joke. LOL... someone still had to explain it to me.

Frosty The Snowman aka- Jason said...

All my computer model are coming together. They are saying 4-6 inches across extreme Northern Arkansas and 6-8 inches around the Jonesboro area. :-D

williamebrantley said...

I would like to have some here in Bemis - Jackson, Tn.
Usually Jonesboro has a better chance at Snow than Central West Tenn.
What about the 11th ?
Thank`s for your GREAT Blog.