Monday, January 05, 2009

Ice Storm Possible

I've been off work for the weekend, but I have been keeping an eye on today's storm system. While the data has shifted back and forth, I'm starting to become more sold on the idea of freezing rain and sleet.

I'm starting to believe that temperatures are going to stay cold enough for some wintry mix. If dewpoints stay low enough, it could begin as sleet... which is indicated on this BUFKIT profile of the 00Z NAM model. The NAM has done pretty well with cold airmasses this year and it did will with the amount of moisture on Friday.
As I type this (shortly after midnight), there are no watches or advisories. With that said, I expect to see some issued by tomorrow morning if the NWS comes on board with our thinking. Meteorologist Justin Logan has been watching it closely over the weekend and has done a good job explaining the threat and challenges of the forecast.
Be prepared to have slick roads tomorrow afternoon and evening. If this stuff comes in faster, we may have some schools let out earlier.

Stay tuned... 2-3 degrees will change everything! I hope it stays ALL RAIN!


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Karen H. said...

I had much rather have some Snow, but I guess we will take what we get as long as it doesn't get too bad. The National Weather Service has already issued a Special Weather Statement about the potential for some Freezing Rain and Sleet. I'm staying tuned to KAIT8 all day as usual. Have a great day.

Karen H.
Caraway, AR