Thursday, February 19, 2009

Almanac Rumors, Part 2

OK... one of you commented that I did not look at the "Old" Farmer's Almanac. Well, I checked it and it does not show an upcoming ice storm and it was not accurate for the for February so far... Here are links to BOTH versions:

Any other questions. I still say it is a false rumor.



Anonymous said...

Hallaluiah! This rumor is steaming after recent ice storm!

blondie said...


I used to pay close attention to the weather channel, but now that you are at KAIT, I only watch you for our weather. You all do a great job. And it is more accurate for our location than the weather channel. Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

tell that lil boy that works there to shave that milk mustache. other than that yall do a good job

Jason said...

Yeah I have had at least 100 people ask me if another Ice Storm was coming this I like to read the almanac for other ideas but to read it for weather predictions is just stupid. It is almost as bad as those guys that try to predict how many hurricanes are gonna come about every year !