Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday, 11:00 PM Radar Update

Thunderstorms are moving through, but so far nothing has been severe. We have not had any large hail or severe wind.

I just took a phone call from a lady that was mad because I did not break into regular programming for heavy rain in lightning. I tried to explain that it was not severe, but she did not agree with me. We don't cry wolf at KAIT. If we're not on, it's just a storm.

We're going to continue to track the storms tonight!

Take care,


blondie said...

Darned if you, darned if you don't! LOL! Some get mad when you break into their programming......poor guy! You do a great job and I appreciate you not crying wolf. I take you seriously when you tell me to do so!

Amanda said...

You can't seem to win for losing lol. You break in some get mad, you don't others get mad sheesh! I agree with blondie, I'm glad you guys don't cry wolf that way when it IS severe we know to listen up! You guys do a great job of keeping us informed and I appreciate what you guys do!