Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, 3:15 AM Update

The strongest line of storms is getting a little closer to Jonesboro. Within the pas hours, this line of storms ripped down some trees and powerlines near Greers Ferry. I believe it will be into Jonesboro within the next hour or so (4:15 AM-5:00 AM)

This may be my last post of the night. Sarah should be taking over the storm center soon and I'll be heading home.



Heidi said...

Dominating severe wx coverage, Ryan.

... Oh how the wind is howling.

Anonymous said...

Good Job!! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Yes, now we are glad we bought the weather radio. We did lose power again (for the 3rd time since ice storm)and the radio sounded the alert as it should have. Gosh! That thing scared the stuffing out of me and the dogs. No way we could sleep through that radio.
Now about that fragile power grid.... If we all had rooftop solar, this could be a totally different scenario.