Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vaughans In Snow

We got to play in the snow for a little bit today, too! We currently have 8.5" of snow on the ground and it is still snowing! As you can see, we played in the front yard today and all of our tracks are filled in tonight! The yard is smooth again!

How about some snowball! Baseball starts soon and my son got some practice pitches from my wife with snow!

We had a great time and I hope you did too! Some folks have asked if I have to shave my head now.... The tape shows that I said I'd shave my head if we had an ICE storm worse than we had in late January. This was a snow storm! I'd make the ice storm bet for 5 years. It was historical... Today's storm was just FUN and we still have power!

With that said, if my boss would let me... I'd at least get a buzz cut or a fauxhawk to celebrate this storm!

Take care!


Heidi said...

This completely ruins my day, RYAN!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well now `you`ve became a ditch digger to add to your port folio......giggle.........My `as bad as I HATE SNOW, it was a delight to see you frolicking in the white fluff stuff with the young-uns.
Again, you are an awesome daddy!!!

Craig Monette said...

Great shots there Ryan. Looks like ya'll were having lots of fun..

Keep up the great work here on your blog and on KAIT8.

Vonavie said...

Way fun! We had a ton of fun with the kids too. This is WAY better than ICE!