Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday, 1:00 AM Radar Update

StormTRACK Doppler 8 continues to show a decaying line of storms moving through our northern counties. While there appears to be a good chance of hail, the hail size is smaller than a pea. Most folks would not even notice it.

X-Vision is showing these storms between 30K and 40K feet up, with the bulk of the storm barely over 20K feet.

In summary, the storms are not that impressive and I'm going to call it a night.

Have a great Wednesday, the tempertures will be nice before the cold air arrives.


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Tara Smith said...

Oh daughter is a meteoroligist in the making! She heard you say the word tornado on tv the other day and started telling me all about tornados. She's only 6! I told her that the wind & clouds start spinning and get really strong. I thought I really needed to "dumb it down" for her.

She proceeded to tell me that the storms happen when cold air and hot air try to mix together and it causes a mess!

Sometimes she knows so much more than I think she should.