Monday, March 09, 2009

Eye Opening

I put the link to the Final Assessment of the Super Tuesday Outbreak in my post below. On or around page 28, they talk about the amount of tornado fatalities in the Midsouth since 1950. The above image displays the high concentration of deaths from tornadoes from Region 8 toward Alabama. The assessment lists reasons why we may have more deaths in this area.

We have got to change these numbers! It is not due to the lack of warning. The NWS does their part and I believe we at KAIT do our part. People have got to have a severe weather plan. Find your safe spot in your home today. Let's be prepared for tornadoes in Region 8!



Andrew said...

People do need a severe weather plan and a safe place to go in the event of severe weather. We have so many factors here in region 8 that play a part in these high numbers.

We do have a lot of manufactured homes in this area and in the event of a tornado, there is NO safe place inside one of these homes.

Here in College City there are no tornado sirens, we are completely dependent on NOAA Weather Radio and Local TV. Should 1 or both of those fail there is no warning for severe weather, other than to watch the sky and with most of our severe weather moving through during the evening and overnight hours there really isn't much to see.

I will admit being a storm chaser the forested areas do cause some problems, it is very difficult to see any distance due to the fact most of the time the tree tops are just about the horizon level.

I still say every house should have a NOAA Weather Radio and a battery operated am/fm radio, should you loose power 1 of these are bound to work. You will be safer if you have knowledge of impending severe weather. We see it every year where people say they didn't know severe weather was coming, but a weather radio can change that and maybe help in bringing down those numbers.

Anonymous said...

We live in an older home, built mostly of cheap flimsy materials, one level. Although we go to the kitchen because it has no windows, I am thinking we don't really have a safe place in this house, and we are miles from anything else. We are having an architect design a home for us, and we have specified inclusion of a tornado safe room. But, until that new house is built, I feel like a sitting duck.