Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For The Birds

There are some subjects that are directly attached to some people. Whenever I had questions about birds or flowers, my late stepmother was the one to ask! I wish I had some advice from her this morning about a discovery we made today!

I heard some birds chirping on my porch, so I went out there to see what they were doing. When I went out there, I noticed a little bit of hay at the bottom of our wreath. I thought, "hmmm, the birds are trying to build a nest... I better take down the wreath". Well, when I took down the wreath, I notice a nest at the TOP of the wreath and one egg. I apparently had interrupted some egg-laying!

So.... Now we have a problem. Do we throw the nest and egg out OR do we avoid our front door for a month? At this point, we have decided to avoid the front door. Does anyone have advice?


PS- Video of the nest should be on the news tonight, PLUS I have dug up some funny video clips from my first attempts at the weather biz from about 10 years ago! Video should come soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan, I never posted before but I wanted to share my story with you. YEARS ago we hung a wind chime right in front of our front door. It is a tiny entry way that is covered. Not long after we put the wind chimes out some birds built a nest right on top of the wind chimes. We couldn't see inside the nest because it was up too high. Well after a little time we would hear tiny chirping and we would leave the front door open and watch and finally we would see tiny baby beaks looking for food. During all this time we still used the front door. The parent birds would fly away when we went in or out and fly right back to the nest whe we were out of sight. All that to say, it has been MANY years of birds coming to that nest, laying eggs and us being able to watch the tiny beaks, then the tiny birds, we watch them learn to fly. It's such a beutiful thing to watch. Try leaving the wreath. Just be quiet and as careful as possible when coming and going and maybe you and your family can watch the amamzing things birds do from egg until they fly away!!

Marty said...

I can't tell you what you should do but it really depends on how much you use your front door. If you have another equally accessible door, you could leave the nest. HOWEVER! The one other thing people forget is that birds defecate like all God's animals and that can make a real mess. If it's early in the season, like it is, the birds will build another nest and lay more eggs. Sounds cruel but the mess they will make may not make it worthwhile.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Leave the nest. Use other doors to the house.

Daniel said...

Well if they are Mockingbird's they can be defensive. I had a Mockingbird dive at me one time because I got to close to its baby. They never usually touch you because all they want to do is scare you away from their chicks. So if they are Mockingbirds you might want to stay away from them. But other birds usually are not that defensive. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

If you really need the use of your door, you might try to move the wreath to another location close by. The mother might likely abandon the nest, but it's better than simply throwing it out!