Friday, March 20, 2009

News On The Computer? No way!

This is a very interesting news story from 1981. This may sound a little maen, but the TV folks have really surpassed the Newspaper folks when it comes to the internet. I'm not sure if they wanted to hold on to the "paper" way of distributing the news OR if the TV folks just embraced the internet better. Maybe I am off base. Do you think the TV folks, newspaper folks, or radio folks have embraced the internet better? Leave me a comment. Here's the news story:


Anonymous said...

New Way----- no more more sex themes for cure alls.
No more 10 minute ads. I`ll be glad when they get ticker tapes on computers for current news that leaves folks feeling uplifted instead of depressed.Strange to me media has no clue as to how many have forgone news watching....

Heidi said...

For some reason I am feeling like totally futuristic just typing out this comment.

I think the TV folks have probably used the Internet to their advantage more than the other two... however, I've been surprised recently by the job a lot of radio stations do with their online presence, so it might be a toss-up.

BradT said...

Part of the equation is a change in the general demographics. So many people today were raised either from the beginning or early enough in their lives with computers that it is the preferred way of getting information for them.

I agree regarding most TV and Radio interests leveraging the Internet. Other than sites like Hulu, the Internet, does not provide such an overwhelming alternative to the base product unlike print based media such as newspapers. Some of them have tried to augment their paper distribution but its a catch-22. Provide too much too easily and you negate the need for your paper medium. I know some people enjoy the feel of having the newspaper in their hands as I do like to just sit and read it sometimes.

However, the biggest disadvantage paper media especially have against Internet media is time to release. By the time you read something in the paper the next day once in print its way old news by then.

Anonymous said...

I think that newspaper has embraced the internet more.

Look at how long it has taken to get TV stations to the "internet game". In actual content, TV stations are still lagging behind most big newspaper sites.

Just because newspaper's are shutting down their print version, doesn't mean they are failing. If anything, it is showing them that they are already ready for the transition to the web.

mom said...

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Anonymous said...

It will never happen...I don't believe in this high-tech, sci-fi,year 3000, vodoo stuff. It's of the devil!!!