Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rough in Alabama and Florida

Our friends in Alabama and Florida are waking up to some rough weather. The below images are a volume scan of the velocity data at Enterprise, AL. Rotation looks weak, but this town can not take any chances. They have been hit twice. I bet my friends at WSFA are all over this storm at

Farther South, our Region 8 folks that are spending Spring Break in Destin are about to see a doozy of a storm. This storm coming into Destin has a tornado warning.

I'm going to sit here at the house and watch those storms and then it's off to Chuck E. Cheese! I bet it is going to be PACKED!

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Karen H. said...

I seen where Magee got hit hard and no one was injured or killed. "PRAISE GOD" for watching over those people. I hope and pray we dont' have any severe weather here tomorrow night. I was able to finally download the KAIT8 Weather Icon on my new desktop. "THANK YOU" for getting it all fixed. Now I fee much safer with it on my desktop. Have a great evening.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR