Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Great Broadcaster

I was awoken this morning by a phonecall with some sad news in the broadcast world. WSMV news anchor, Dan Miller, died of a heart attack overnight. I grew up watching Dan and had the opportunity to meet him as an adult. We once sat with him and his family at a Vanderbilt game. I got to see him as a great father and grandfather. He was literally one of the best anchors in the business.

God Bless his family at home and his family at WSMV.


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mom said...

Dan Miller was looking forward to going home to Augusta GA for the Masters Golf Tournament. During a walk with Ch.4 Sports Director Rudy Kalis in his childhood neighborhood, he just suddenly collapsed and never regained consciousness.
Rudy then administered
CPR until ambulance arrived.
Everyone will miss seeing Dan Miller on their newscasts for sure here in Nashville area.