Monday, April 27, 2009

Maybe I Should Have Chased...

My friend and boss, Hatton Weeks, and I were going to go chasing in NW Oklahoma this past weekend. In fact, these tornadoes were very close to our target cities. In addition, these were the guys we were going to try to interview! While there were not A LOT of tornadoes this weekend, there were a couple that were very photogenic. Take a look at this video... I had it on mute, so please excuse any language. Hopefully it's G rated.

It's probably good I did not go though... I got a lot of yard work done.



Anonymous said...

Holy God, I cant make up my mind if you storm chasing boys are Brave or Just Plain Stupid, cause its the closest thing (i`ve ever seen) to dancing with the devil.

Deb Martin said...

Totally SWEEEEEEETTTT!! That would've been an awesome experience for you!

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Ryan,
I'm glad you didn't go chasing those tornadoes. That can be very dangerous. You have your 2 boys to think about and your wife. Take care of yourelf because we need you here around region 8. Just wanted to let you know that here in Caraway, AR, we have had 4.5 inches of rain since about 3:00a.m this morning. That is what my rain gage is showing outside. When I took our girls to School earlier this morning, we were riding around town for a bit and some of the streets here in Caraway were beginning to get under water. We may all have to go buy some boats if it keeps this raining up. LOL. Take care and GOD Bless you and yours.
Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

Jason said...

Nice...very nice. They better be glad they didnt get as close to the last one as they did the 2nd one !lol

Heidi said...

Joel was chastized for the language, Reed for not editing it out. FYI. ;)

I made some screen shots and determined that they were 4 "passing zone lines" from the most intense circulation. The armor on the vehicle makes that completely okay. LOL.