Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pick Up Our Cross

I was driving down Highway 412 yesterday and saw Thomas Moore carrying a cross. You may have seen him on the news Friday, too. When I saw him, I knew I had to stop... take a picture or two... and talk with him. He's carrying this cross to Little Rock! As he walked by the stop sign, it made me think... maybe we all need to "stop" and pick up our cross. Not physically, but spiritually.

We often forget about the suffering of Jesus and go straight to the "Easter" part.... Straight to the empty tomb. On this Resurrection Sunday, let's not forget that Jesus was 100% man and 100% God at the same time. He lived a sin free life, but felt the pain on the cross. We've got to remember the suffering and pain before we celebrate on this great day.

If you meet Thomas Moore on the road, he is going to ask you if you know Jesus. That's why he's do this... He wants people to stop and ask him questions, so that he can ask questions.
Have a great Easter,


Anonymous said...

This is so true!! Thanks Ryan!!

Brian Tritch said...

Saw Him That Day Myself! Wondered What He Was Doing, Know Now! That's For The Explanation!

Karen H. said...

Ssturday afternoon when I was leaving Lepanto, AR, I was at the 4-way stop sign on my way home to Caraway, AR and there were people there that had signs that said to honk if you were saved. I honked because I was saved at a young age. I think it is wonderful for people to stand up for JESUS and to not be ashamed of him. After all, he died for us to give us eternal life. Have a great Monday.
Karen H.
Caraway, AR