Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Props To TVN

The TVN had a great day today and they are still chasing some good storms this evening. In case you missed David Drummond and Ben Holcomb today, here's what they saw! David is a chaser for Raycom Media station, KCBD, and Ben was the first chaser I spoke to (minus our own) on February 5th in Arkansas.

No injuries or damage and great video. That's the perfect chase! You can always ride along with them by clicking here.


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Ben Holcomb said...

That was some amazing stuff Ryan! Not sure I'll ever top that chase :)

TVN Dominated yesterday with 2 very nice tornadoes. We blew past Reed on the paved road before the Tornado passed.

The footage is absolutely incredible and is on KCBD's site or my own site.