Thursday, April 16, 2009

Video From Today

Here are one of the sessions from today's Hurricane Conference. There was a panel disscussing hurricane coverage from Hurricane Gustav and Ike. The panel included meteorolgists from Houston and New Orleans. During the coverage of Ike, one Houston station flew their helicopter over anyone's home that called into the station and did a phone interview. This had a huge viewer benefit, because nobody was allowed onto Galveston Island... but the chopper was finally allowed to fly over! Here's a summary of that session.


Karen H. said...

Well now, Mr Vaughn, aint' you the lucky one being down in the Bahamas. I hope you enjoyed yourself down there and learned alot. Did you see Stephanie Abrahams from The Weather Channel? I'm hoping to see some pictures you took from down there. Was your wife and sons able to go with you? You have been missed and you do such a great job. "THANK YOU" for what you do for Region 8 in keeping us informed on the weather situations. Have a great weekend. Today was a very nice day here in Caraway. It is currently 76 degrees. Hubby was finally able to get our yard mowed and weed eated after all the rain we have had lately. Now I just need for it to stay warm so I can get my flower garden planted.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

Ryan said...

Karen... I have seen Stephanie several times and yes, my family did come with me. I hope to post some pictures when I return. For some reason, I can't connect my camera to my laptop. Pictures will come Sunday night or Monday.