Sunday, May 03, 2009

This Week

Before going to bed, I decided to glance over the "Overview" window on the latest GFS BUFKIT profile (that's just some wx data!)... The timestamp goes from right to left... I labeled each period that I'm discussing with numbers, click image to enlarge:
#1- Break on Monday with "a few" breaks in the clouds.
#2- Mostly dry on Tuesday, with a chance late. Hopefully after our baseball game!
#3- Stormy on Wed. Some Strong?
#4- Break on Thu... and some sunshine!
#5- More stinkin' storms... some strong.
I wish it were all dry... I'm just the messenger. At least we get some breaks!!!

1 comment:

Karen H. said...

Should we get busy building an ark znytime soon? LOL. My yard sure does need mowing badly. Hope it dries out some this week so hubby can get it mowed this coming weekend. I also loved the Cardboard of you. I need one to put on my front porch. LOL. Can't wait for the Backyard BBQ to begin. I sure hope I am picked this year for one of the cookouts. Would love to have you guys here in my backyard cooking for me. I'm hoping we can get some games in this week also. Both of our girls play and we h ave already had 3 rainouts in the last couple of weeks.