Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two Georges and Baseball

It's rare for people to ever get the opportunity to meet their Great Grandfather, so it's wise to take many pictures! Meet George and George. This is my son's Great Grandfather, the man he was named after. I snapped this shot last night at the baseball field. My oldest son was excited to show off his baseball skills to his "Gracie" and his Great Grandfather "Paw Paw" last night, even though he was not feeling that good. After two hits, he called it quits. He has had a stomach ache that keeps coming and going. Today he seems to be much better though.

It's been a great holiday weekend so far and it's only Saturday! We're off to show NE Arkansas to the older George.

Have a safe weekend,


1 comment:

Meemaw said...

Just looking at little George's facial expression...he KNOWS how special is this big connection with Great-Grand-PawPaw!

Just looking at Shad ~ is he made w/Tuff-Stuff or WHAT!! "Pressing On" whilst sick & in pain...hope he's getting over stomach virus
today and able to have more fun.

So proud of both my grandboys
& excited on seeing a game soon!