Friday, June 05, 2009

Day At The Zoo!

 Some family members were sick, so we decided to get out and about today. We went to the Nashville Zoo and had a GREAT time. The animals were cool and the playground there is the best I have EVER seen. As you will see, the boys had a great time. In case you are wondering, that's my sister with us.

Hope all is well in Region 8!


mom/meemaw said...

Thankful for this Nashville Zoo ~ wishing it had been here back when you and J.J. were growing up ~ Opryland had a few critters,though!

My first zoo visit: Cincinnati Zoo!
I was thrilled about it; still can recall being young adult just as awed as the kids! Thinking way much better than a circus, which
I'd adored.

Kathleen said...

This made my day. Thanks, Ryan