Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flooding This Morning

I ran into officer Pace and Boling this morning in Paragould. With so much rain falling, you can bet they were working the flooded roadways. This van on Lake street got caught in the waters and floated into a ditch.
As you can see, driving through water on a road is not a good idea...

Thanks to a guy with an electric wench, she is back on the road this morning. A LOT of water drained out of the van when it was pulled out!
Be careful out there today. More storms are expected!


mom/meemaw said...

Let's all think about the farmers during all this...drought then comes showers of blessings far above and beyond needs.
Ken says it's always been that way for farmers...literally Go With The Flow living.

Karen H. said...

Good Afternoon Ryan, We got 2 inches of rain here in Caraway this morning. Boy did it ever rain. Also had some loud thunder and some pretty bad lightening as well. At least we did get some much needed rain fall. Hope you have a great evening.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

Ryan said...

The rain has been very nice for the farmers. Looks like we will get some more tonight!