Monday, July 27, 2009

Ocoee Trip, Part #2

Here's some of the action! This part of the river was where the Olympic Kayaking took place. As you can see, there were some great Level 4 rapids here. I'm on the front row. This first picture is us going into the rapid....
And this next picture is us going IN the rapid. Yes, I am completely under water at this point! LOL
Here's a shot of the rest of our crew. 12 of us went down in 2 rafts. Looks like they were having a good time too...
I'm not an expert, but it looks like our friends on the other raft were having a tough time here!
Big thanks to our guide Jeremy, aka J-Dawg for his great expertise! Also, big thanks to "Joe Dirt" (our instructor) for making us white-water smart and teaching how we should not "romance the stone".... And one last shout out to our bus driver Ty. Thanks for jamming James Brown and Phish while we drove (very fast) to and from the outpost!
We had a great time!

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Daniel Tripp said...

My Parents have done that before and it looks really fun. Maybe I will get to go sometime.