Thursday, July 09, 2009

Steve McNair

I'm sitting here at my desk this evening watching the memorial service of Steve McNair online. For those that don't know, I'm a big Titans fan. I was born and raised in Nashville. When the Titans came to Nashville, it was the greatest thing that ever happened to our city in my eyes. As a young man, the players were the coolest thing in the world. I can remember going to Titans games and waiting for players like Eddie George, Frank Wychek, Kevin Dyson, Derek Mason, and Bruce Matthews to drive into the parking lot at "Adelphia" Coliseum. They would then walk through the tunnel to the locker rooms and wave at us as we stood at the fence.

As a young journalist, I got press passes to the Titans game. I got to hang out with the players in the locker room. As a big fan, it was cool to hang out with some of the best athletes of Nashville. It's something I'll never forget and I'm sure my cousin that tagged along will never forget it either.

The older I get, I realize more and more that these athletes are human. They put their pants on like me. They have flaws. As Bishop Joseph Walker just said from Mt. Zion Baptist, we all have flaws. No man is perfect. Bishop Walker just got really fired up about people judging McNair. Only one can judge McNair. (He who has not sinned, shall cast the first stone.)

I'm guilty of it. I have made judgemental remarks. Today, we have all sinned and it's just as bad as McNair cheating on his wife.

That's hard to swallow, but true. He may not have been the perfect husband, but none of us are perfect humans.



Karen H. said...

You are so right Ryan. One sin is just as bad as the other one. No one, except GOD is perfect. We can all strive to be perfect, but we will never be perfect. I'll be the first to admit, I have made mistakes in my lifetime that I regret, but I know GOD has forgive me for them. Hope you have a great weekend my friend. How about going out on the Barton's Weather Deck and do a rain dance "LIVE" for us all. Maybe we can get a rain from that. LOL.

Karen Horton
Caraway, AR

Mom said...

Son, the reformating of childish heroic impressions is maturity.
There is a Bible verse which says it so much better but I haven't had my first morning cup of coffee.

It is important to have had those childish impressions to inspire and lead, but with maturity comes the deeper understanding as to all human conditons which spans our lives to even try to attain.