Monday, August 10, 2009

Fast Cars On The Interstate?

The conditions are just right to see the cars going down the interstate with Doppler radar this evening. These images are level 2 velocity data from Memphis. From time to time, the radar beam bends in funky ways due to temperature inversions and we can see the traffic moving down the interstates. Look at the image below and look at the bright colors NW of Caruthersville on I55... Those are cars, trucks, and big rigs being detected on Doppler radar....
In this next image, you can see the traffic on I40 AND for my first time, I can see the traffic on Highway 63 East of Harrisburg! That's the future I555.
We typically see this in the summer during temperature inversions. Tonight, we have warmer air over the rain cooled air near the surface. This inversion is messing with the Doppler!


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