Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Playing "City"

As a young boy, I LOVED playing cars! I bet I had 200 cars. In addition to cars, I had cities, railroad tracks, and ramps to go with the cars. A few years ago, my mom surprised me by giving us some of my old cars and a fold-up city. My boys play with that city these days, just like I did when I was a young boy. While playing "city" with my youngest son today, I noticed this old fire truck. I can remember playing with this exact car when I was his age! As you can tell, it's been called out on a few fires! I'm shocked that it's still around... and drivable!
While we played today, I told my son little things about the city we were playing on. I told him that the bank building use to have a third section... I told him that the hand drawn parking spaces were surveyed and striped by me, with a Sharpie. And I told him my favorite places to "live" when I was a kid...

His city has expanded or "sprawled" from when I was his age. If you notice, he has many roads now, stoplights, gas stations, etc. I suppose it's much like the real world. Some things are new, but there are still several things that will never change!
I hope to keep some of their toys around to pass down to their kids. It may not mean much now, but it sure will bring back some memories one day!


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