Monday, November 02, 2009

Crazy Weekend

So, we moved this weekend. If it were that simple, it would be nice! Since we are "The Vaughans", at least one of us had to end up in the ER and this time it was my youngest. We marked our territory in the new neighborhood with a big puddle of blood from a bike accident. Dr. Wilson at AMMC did an awesome job with him and seems to be really good with kids. He stitched him right up! If AMMC offered a frequent flyers program, we would be due a round trip to Hawaii for the entire family! Luckily we had witnesses again, so DHS is not going to visit us... We actually had two OR nurses, a children's pastor, and a pediatric dentist at our house at the time, so he was in good hands! Unfortunately, we have to go see that Pediatric Dentist regarding the accident tomorrow. He's gonna be a tough kid! :)

Overall, everything is going smooth. We are doing some remodeling, so we currently living with the inlaws. Hopefully, we are not getting on their nerves! We hope to be out by the weekend. We'll see how that goes...

If you are one of the 350 people that emailed me over the past few days.... Give me some time and I'll try to get through all of them! It's amazing how fast the inbox fills up!

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Are you still living in Paragould?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Wilson sewed my daughter up in the ER after a car accident and he was super! I was not acquainted with him before then but he was excellent with a very scared 9 year old.