Thursday, January 21, 2010

Small Hail and a Cussing

We had some some hail fall in Joneboro this evening as the storms moved through. Most of it was pea-size, but there were some reports of it being a "little" larger. Regardless, it was NOT severe. The National Weather Service defines a "severe" storm as a storm with winds over 58 mph and/or hail that is 1" in diameter. That is about the size of quarters. Tonight's hail was nowhere close to being "severe".

One viewer called and cussed me for not having a warning out for the storm. First of, KAIT does not issue the warnings. That is handled by the National Weather Service. Second, the storm was not severe. Heavy Rain, lighting, thunder, and even penny-size hail does not constitute a warning.

According to radar, it appears the best place to see hail was on the Eastern Side of Jonesboro near Turtle Creek, ASU, and the airport. Hail this small does not cause damage... it just makes the rain louder.

FYI- the above image is a loop of Vertically Integrated Liquid. One way to pinpoint hail...

Have a good night,


Anonymous said...

Why do folks think they can just call you and cuss you? I think they have laws against that don't they?

Donna Fulkerson said...

It hailed this morning in Paragould for a few seconds right before it rained. It was about 7:35AM. I was dropping my daughter off at St. Mary's and right as she started to open the door it started ~ most of it was 'pea' size and some were a bit larger toward 'dime' size. Just a little FYI. :-) Have a good day!

Donny said...

thats bolognna that they would do that to you- a mutual friend of ours- Heidi- everytime I call her she speaks highly of you and even though I am not in the region 8 viewing area (since I live in Jacksonville) I have heard nothing but good news- more to the point- a few nights ago was looking at some of the footage from super tuesday tornado outbreak- you were covering that really good well before it went into your viewers range- so kudos to you