Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow, Keep-Away, And QPF

I feel like the kid left out. People to our SOUTH may get more snow than us, if they get cold enough! Anywho, let's talk about QPF....QPF is Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts OR simply put, the liquid equivalent that will fall (rain, sleet, snow, etc) from the sky.

Notice the darker greens to the north where they will get hammered with snow and notice the darker greens to the south where they will get rain... and maybe some snow. Regardless of the precipitation "type", look at the void spot in little ole Region 8.

We're in the black hole of QPF!!! The Gulf Coast is robbing us of moisture and the Yankees are hogging it all to the north! We're left in the middle like the little kid in a game of "keep-away"...

Don't give up though snow lovers. As of 8:00 PM, it is snowing in parts of Region 8. I still think we may squeeze out an inch of snow. Come on everyone... start snow dancing!

If you have already bought your eggs, milk, and bread AND you do not get snow.... Have a French Toast Party tomorrow night for the National Championship game on KAIT! It's gonna be too COLD to go anywhere else!

Stay warm!


Anonymous said...

so sad! So maybe an inch in the Paragould area?

Anonymous said...

I HATE snow! lol just sayin..

Heidi said...

As much as I hate to say it since we're talking about SNOW here... it's about time we are "sans bulls-eye" on the HPC QPF map. WOW.

Josh Waters said...

i saw this coming... i predicted this this morning on my twitter. I said that north of here would get a good amount and even south of here would get a fair amount but were gonna be left out. oh well. looks like this time next wednesday we could be seing something?! but as i just looked at the radar things are starting to fill in, but it's gonna be really scattered. so if it hits right Jonesboro could get some snow. but not more than like half an inch. follow me on twitter!